Both photography and printmaking allow me to examineone subject in multiple visual constructs. One image can be manipulated and changed an infinite number of ways tocreate something novel.  My artincorporates imagery from organic matter like the wildflowers growingon the roadside to large-scale structures like factories and bridges.  At times, I try to expose the viewer to the overlooked beauty of the small things in life, like tiny wildflowers.  Other times, I create art to make astatement about how our technological advancements and industry have impacted ourlives.   I often feel that while the internet has brought humanity closer together, it also has made us less present in our immediate surroundings and thus more isolated from one another. 

However, each year, when the rainy season comes to Northern California and the wildflowers are blooming, I am driven to go outside,  loaded down with some new piece of camera equipment in my backpack to take photos.  Spraying myself with bug spray, wary of poison oak and rattlesnakes, frequently I find myself lying down in the grass to take "belly shots"  of flowers smaller then a dime.  I am seeing a world that I never new existed and I am hoping to create images that offer a fresh perspective and allow others to explore the wonder of nature.  I often use these images to create new art pieces.
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